Do you have piles of namecards, stacks of email databases, boxes of potential leads, folders of enquiries…

just laying around doing nothing?

and when we say put them to good work, we mean:

Supercharge Your
Sales & Profits
Boost Your
Brand Presence
Rev-Up Your
Customer Engagement


Statistic states that out of ten meetings, only one ends up with a sale. That’s only 10%. And most of the time, you add the costs of the remaining 9 meetings that didn’t result in a close into the one that did, increasing your customer acquisition cost. That sucks.

Now, what if you can use the lowest cost and most effective way to nurture the 9 leads that haven’t bought yet until they either buy from you, or because they love you so much, they refer you to their network?

Here’s the truth: if you don’t want to buy a new car, there’s nothing I can do (other than banging up your current car) to make you get a new one. But long-term relationship selling means I need to continue adding value to you over time, and when you really do want to buy a car, or if you’re being asked for a recommendation, you’ll think of me.

But asking you to, week-after-week, month-after-month, continually follow-up with the prospects… that’s tiring.

Here’s were we can help you. After the sales presentation, regardless of the outcome, we will setup your automated (and personalised) follow-up email newsletters to continually engaging your prospects in a non-intrusive manner. And because the newsletters we create for you will always add value to your prospects, that puts you, and your company, in a very good light.


Cold Leads? Let’s warm them up.

Scenario: Your sales team pitch to the prospect a year ago, and the prospect said the timing is bad. Sadly, due to high workload, the follow-up wasn’t done properly, and the lead turned cold. Much like the girl (or guy) that we forgot to call back, to establish the relationship after a long, cold period could be awkward.

What if you have piles of the cold leads? Going one-by-one is already tough, and to go through ALL OF THEM, that could be the number one cause of procrastination! No wonder your sales team prefer to pitch to a new prospect rather than re-activating an old one.

Here’s where we can help you too. With a personalised mass email sequence (a series of emails designed to re-initiate contact, with automated follow-ups depending on the prospects’ actions), you just have to sit tight while they warm themselves up and get back to you instead. Of course, when they take any action, whether reading on the email or clicking on the links, you will be notified, and now, that phone call won’t be that awkward anymore, right?


Would you like to have fries with your burger?

Cross-selling and Up-selling, until today, are still two of the best sales strategies to increase profits. You have won the sale from the customer, and with the right tactics, you can win their hearts too. That’s when you know you got a fan for life.

But up-selling and cross-selling, if not executed strategically, can totally backfire on you. What’s more challenging is, what if you’re trying to re-market to thousands of customers at a time?

That’s where we come in. By combining carefully curated content, personalised call-to-actions and advanced marketing triggers, your customers will feel as if each email comes personally from you, and you know everyone loves to be treated like the #1 customer.

Here's how we will SUPERCHARGE your LEAD NURTURING.


Strategy Consultation






E-Newsletter Management



Reports & Recommendations

Bet you want more details first before claiming your FREE consultation with us?

Let’s break it down.

Marketing Strategy Consultation

  • Identify your right target markets
  • Determine the right content strategies for your different markets (with market segmentation)
  • Outline the specific objectives for the contents created (whether it is to re-engage, re-activate or re-market)
  • Determine the specific call-to-actions
  • Decide on the tone and personality you want to position your brand with

Content Writing & Production

  • Produce articles of 400 – 800 words catered to the target markets
  • Create visually engaging contents with infographics and illustrations (whenever applicable)
  • Expand the senses with video and audio contents (explainer videos, interviews, podcasts, Q&A with the experts)
  • Tie each content pieces to specific Call-To-Actions
  • Optional: Produce white papers and e-books to establish credibility

Subscriber On-Boarding

  • Create customised email sequences to warm up cold leads
  • Create email sequences to welcome new subscribers and customers
  • Create email sequences to tie-in with your company’s events, marketing efforts and outreach initiatives
  • Nurture the relationship before adding prospects and clients onto your weekly newsletter broadcast
  • Optional: validate old email addresses and databases before adding them to any on-boarding campaigns

E-Newsletter Management

  • Setup email newsletter/marketing system for weekly broadcasts (we will recommend you the most value-for-money third party providers based on your needs)
  • Design mobile-friendly newsletter templates with your brand presence (logo, contact details, social media links)
  • Keep your subscriber lists healthy by removing invalid and bounced emails
  • Integrate performance trackers to monitor opens, reads, clicks and forwards

Blog Management & Marketing

  • Convert articles from newsletters into blog posts with layout formatting, backlinks and images
  • Upkeep of blog entries and blog system (WordPress)
  • Sign on new subscribers through various subscription forms placed strategically around the blog
  • Promote individual blog articles with up to 10 snippets over a year, posted periodically on your social media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)

Monthly Reports & Strategy Recommendations

  • Provide monthly engagement reports (email open and click rates, number of subscribers, number of blog reads and shares) so you can measure your ROI
  • Recommend strategies to further enhance engagements and results from newsletters and blog posts
  • Tie in contents for the following month(s) with your company’s events, promotions, product launches and any marketing initiatives

Your Investment to Supercharge Your Marketing

  • Strategy Consultation

  • Email Database Management
    (Manage bounced and invalid emails)

  • Source Relevant 3rd Party Contents for Weekly Newsletter

  • Mobile-Friendly Newsletter Templates

    • Your Brand Logo
    • Contact Details
    • Social Media Links
  • Subscriber Onboarding Email Sequence
    (For new and existing databases, with different sequences for up to 3 market segments/sale cycle stages.)

  • Newsletter sign up forms
    (subjective to your website’s designs and capabilities)

  • Track performances
    (Open, click and respond rates)

  • Monthly Report and Strategy Recommendation

  • Craft Original Content for your Target Market

    • We generate the topics so you can just pick the topics we should write on
    • Our team of writers and content creators will produce a 500-800 word article for you
    • Infographics may be used for selected topics when relevant
    • Up to 3 revisions
  • Customised CTA in the articles
    (up to 3 market segments/sale stage)

  • Format Articles into Newsletter-Friendly Format

  • Setup wordpress blog at your site (

    • Your company logo
    • Matching fonts and colour scheme
    • Social media links/feed
  • Newsletter Sign Up Forms

    • Sidebar
    • Footer
    • Exit Intent
  • Convert Articles from Newsletters into Blog Posts with:

    • Layout Formatting
    • Backlinks
    • Images & Illustrations
  • Promote individual blog articles with up to 10 snippets over a year, posted periodically on your social media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)


RM2,000per month
  • (On 3rd party contents)


RM4,000per month
  • (on content topics, specific business/marketing objectives and Call-To-Actions (CTA))

  • No, since we will be producing original contents for you and your business.

  • One per Month


RM6,000per month
  • (on content topics, specific business/marketing objectives and Call-To-Actions (CTA))

  • No, since we will be producing original contents for you and your business.

  • Two per Month

Your Investment to Supercharge Your Marketing

Well, if you think about it, we're saving you...

...from hiring at least FIVE extra people!

Graphic Designer

because we will spice up your contents, sexify the call-to-actions, with our copywriting magic!

Email Marketing Specialist

because we make sure your e-newsletters go out on time, looks great on all devices, and most importantly, makes you and your company look awesome!

Marketing Strategist

because content without specific business objectives are, well, just writings.

Content Creator & Copywriter

because you need fresh, sexy and relevant contents that add value to your target audiences, builds your brand and drive sales.

Blog Manager & Programmer

because you need your blog and articles to look great on all devices, projects a professional image to your target markets and increase your leads.
Ready to dust the cob webs off those boxes of business cards and folders of email databases.

Let’s turn them into powerful marketing tools that can BUILD YOUR BRAND and BOOST YOUR SALES.

Ready to dust the cob webs off those boxes of business cards and folders of email databases.

Let’s turn them into powerful marketing tools that can BUILD YOUR BRAND and BOOST YOUR SALES.

F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions.

I have a truck load of name cards that I don't even know how to start!

Well, although it’s always nice to be able to send a follow-up email that is relevant, i.e. Great meeting you at the XYZ conference last week, but sometimes, we just simply can’t remember where we got the name card or lead.

No worries, though. We will create an email sequence that will help refresh their memory of your company again, and gently add them to your weekly e-newsletter, in a totally non-intrusive way.

Can your team help manage our LinkedIn presence too?

Sure we can. From driving more profile views to posting LinkedIn articles, we can help supercharge your LinkedIn presence, which is super ideal if your prospects are mostly B2B, or high-ticket price items for the B2C market.

Can you guys create contents in different languages?

Yes, we can.

We don’t have a blog yet. Can you setup one for us?

Yes, we will be using WordPress, which is very versatile, and over time, we will show you and your team how to work with it too. Unless you have a specific preference, your blog site will usually be hosted at

What’s the minimum contract period?

We recommend 6 months to see great results, with a minimum of 3 months. Of course, the contracts can always be renewed at a preferred rate for you.

While other marketing agencies are focused on lead generation, why BDlabs focusing mainly on LEAD NURTURING?

While lead generation is great, as you know, most prospect won’t buy or engage your services at the first glance. Trust needs to be build over time, and relevant contents will give you the credibility you need to influence the buying decision. Lead Nurturing is crucial for long sale cycle products/services, but most companies just don’t have the time, resources and patients to constantly follow-up on leads. Coupling relevant contents with cutting-edge marketing automation tools, we can help you simplify the process.

How does the blog snippet work again?

Normally once you publish a post on your blog, only those who saw it on your social media at the time of posting will know about it. Some marketers would repost the same content every month trying to drive new traffic to your site, but frankly, that looks really sloppy. What we do instead is create up to 10 different “snippets” and over the span of a year, post those different snippets to draw in new traffic to your site. That will make your social media timelines look even more impressive.

We have different target markets for our different products/services. Can you help create different contents for each of the the segments?

It’s great that you realised different markets respond to different contents. The key here is relevancy. Your prospects must feel the information and promotion you’re giving them is relevant. So do you question, yes, we definitely can create different contents for your identified segments. We can recommend different posting strategies and frequencies too.

Once we confirmed on a contract period, how's the payment schedule like?

To make it simple for your accounting, we will charge you on a month basis, with an upfront 50% of the monthly fee at the start of the contract. The upfront fee is for our team to setup all the necessary software and services for you, and also to generate content ideas to suit your target market(s).

Frankly, if you've read this far (and this is one heck of a long sales page to begin with), it kinda shows you're interested to discuss further.

Why not we just have a discussion, with no obligations. Seriously, you may not need our services at your current juncture. But if the timing is right, why wait?