Do you have multiple browser tabs open just to run all your web apps? Trello, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Google Drive, Asana, Basecamp… the list goes on!

Before you know it, you’re running multiple browsers just to sort them out, and looking for one tab among them takes forever.

And not to mention how much processing power you’re using just to run your “workstation”.

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But before you go upgrade your machine and devices, here’s one app can save you.

Say hello to GetStation.

Yup, they weren’t lying about their list of apps. Frankly, most of my communication apps (Whatsapp, Telegram, Slack, FB Messenger), project management apps (Asana, Basecamp, Trello) and emails are supported. Heck, they even have Dropbox and Google Drive.

The only two that were missing for me was Microsoft OneDrive and Skype (hint: Microsoft?)
*Update: Looks like they sort it out rather quickly!

In case you don’t know how much of a life safer this is, let me give you 5 damn good reasons (and I’m not even affiliated to them in any way. Just sharing the love.)

>Reason #1: Shit lots of apps

Ok, this could be just me repeating this super mega reason again, but seriously, 300 apps in on? I literally uninstalled several apps and permanently close a few browser tabs and clear off their caches. #diedandgonetoheaven

Serious Reason #1: Search everything

Unified search among all my apps. Not 100%, but it’s pretty accurate. What this means is I don’t need to go to each app manually to search for something. Station will just search all for me. Talk about time saving!

Reason #2: Keyboard Shortcuts

You can sort and arrange your apps, and then use the keyboard shortcuts to switch between them at a snap of the finger.

Reason #3: Low CPU Usage

No shit on this one. I’ve been monitoring this app for over 2 days, and the consumption is consistently less than 10%.

Reason #4: Focus Mode

The notification panel is useful to keep track of ALL the notifications from your app, but turn on Focus Mode to get into that special space where you get sharp on your senses.

Reason #5: It’s Free

Yup, don’t know how they do it, but it’s miraculously free! Heck, even if they start charging eventually, I don’t mind supporting them.

Station is available on Windows and Mac. Go ahead and try it. Just visit and salvage your sanity!

Oh yeah, and let me know how it’s working out for you too.

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