Ever want to have awesome graphics and illustrations for your marketing materials but don’t know how to operate the all-power but hyper-expensive Adobe Illustrator?

Then you may want to check out Pixteller.

If you’d been using tools like Canva & Stencil, then you’ll feel right at home with Pixteller. Pixteller is an easy-to-use web-based software to create amazing graphics like below.

For example, for your social media banners:

Or personalised motivation quotes:

Or a promotional banner:

Or photo collages:

Yup, skies the limit. And I did all the above under less than 30 minutes while eating a bagel!

But as a designer (and a bad one too), let me tell you why I bought this tool even though I already know how to use Adobe Illustrator. Heck, let me give you NINE damn good reasons.

Or you can head there straight and try out the free account.

#1. You can see what other designers are doing, and you can even use/modify from their designs!

Yup! Not only can you copy what others are using, or change a little stuff to make yours better, here’s the best part: you do not need to recreate it! Just pick the one you like, click on “USE”, you feel free to edit the words, graphics, placements, sizes and all. This will save you tons of time, because you do not need to design from scratch!

#2. You can design for social media sizes up to print-sizes!

Unlike some web-based illustrations softwares that gives you limited sizes (some don’t even allow you to go full print quality), Pixteller lets you play with all the popular social media presets, or go crazy with your own dimensions!

Youtube Channel Art? Checked!

Business Cards? Checked!

Promotional flyers? Checked!

Any weird dimensions that Facebook may decide to change to next month? Checked!

#3. You can use over 1,000,000 free images, or from your own collection!

I’ll let you know the problem you’ll be having: you can’t decide which picture to use!

And there’s nothing stopping you from using your own photos!

Plus, with over 100,000 shapes, from arrows to lightning symbols, doves to social media icons, you can design to your heart’s content!

#4. You can use custom fonts to make your designs truly unique!

Play around with hundred over fonts and stand out like a pro! If picking the photos is already driving you crazy with choices, let me tell you the fonts are gonna push you over the edge!

But remember, when it comes to fonts, just stick with one or two, MAX! Remember what Uncle Ben said to Peter about power? With great powers come great responsibilities? Please be responsible with your font selection!

#5. You can create images with transparent backgrounds!

This is a big one for me, because I just don’t like to have logos or graphics that comes in a set background, rather than blending nicely into the design.


6. You have sh!tload of ready-made templates to play with!

Of course, if you can’t find any designs from other designers that are in your “zone”, feel free to browse through all the ready-made templates too.

Remember, the key to using templates is to make as minor changes as possible to them. Templates are designed to speed up your work!

#7. You can save your work as PDF!

That means you can send your clients business proposals, or even your very own e-book cover!

#8. You can play with filters for all graphics and text!

Filters! Filters! Filters galore! And it’s not just changing the look and feel of your images with shadings, hues and colors, you can even do snappy word arts! Yup, you can also add effects to your fonts – gradients, colors, shadows!

That just takes customisation to a whole next level!

#9. You can get all that and more for only $39! One-time payment!

Yeah, I saved the best for last. Normally, Pixteller will set you back $149 for the lifetime license, or $47 for the yearly plan.

For a limited time only, and this is after a while of digging through the world wide web so I don’t know how long the deal is gonna last, you can get the lifetime license for only $39! Yup, that’s like over 73% discount!

You can grab the deal here. Of yeah, I’m an affiliate with them, so thanks in advance for your support and the cup of coffee!

Business Development Strategist, Email Wizard, Content Magician and a Productivity Optimizer (codename: lazyass+cheapass), Maverick produces content for a living. With over 93% of his business starting from a simple (and often cold) email, Maverick consults SMEs, MNCs and startups on how to leverage on technology and creative story-telling to supercharge sales and rev-up customer engagement. When he's not working to put food on the table (and Lego in his son's collection), Mav loves to cafe-hop around the region with his partner-in-crime, Debbie.

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