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Lead Generation

It’s the 21st century. Newspaper ads, billboards and TV commercials are loosing their effects. So you turn to taking digital ads with social media platforms like Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn instead, but seriously, are you happy with the results?

With our Ideal Customer Profile Framework, we can help you generate highly targeted leads using cutting-edge tools like LeadFuze, and RocketReach. Don’t get us wrong: ads are great, but we’re a little impatient because it requires your prospects to click on your ads to connect with you. Let’s just say we like the more aggressive approach: we help you connect to your target audience directly.

Cold Emails

Tired of making cold-calls? Same here. Not only are the results poor, it is extremely tiring (most sales professionals will admit that) and chances are, most of your prospects don’t want to be cold-called anymore.

Now, a cold email is totally different. With the aid of technology, you have a totally scalable sales solution which enables you to approach over 1000 prospects with just a click of a button. Combine marketing automation, sexy copywriting and performance reports, your prospect activation is going to be like a highly effective sales factory.

High Conversion Designs

We admire all things beautiful – brilliant designs hold our attention, stimulate our imagination, engage our emotions. And we thought, since we’re already there, might as well throw in carefully-crafted, psychologically-appealing call-to-actions.

Yes, when it comes to designing any marketing material, may it be a brochure, website or a email newsletter, we combine the aesthetics and effectiveness. Your target customers will first be hooked by an eye-catching design and an attention-grabbing headline. We will then educate them with benefits and features only your products/services can offer. And then, just at that critical moment, we will gently slip in the call-to-action (or as we like to call it, the piece de resistance)!

Landing Pages

Calling a landing page a normal website, frankly, is an insult. To us, a well designed landing page can make or break a sale.

Because we know landing pages are a crucial component for your sales funnel, we do our best to make sure they loads fast, hit all your prospect’s hot buttons, converts well, and more importantly, integrates effortlessly with your existing marketing tools.

Plus, with our in-house production studio, why rely on just words when you can record a perfect 60-seconds explainer video that speaks directly to all your online visitors?

Newsletter Automation

Newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with your prospects and customers alike. As a matter of fact, after an initial conversation with your prospects, just because they are not ready to buy, it doesn’t mean all hopes is lost. Keep you and your brand fresh in their mind by periodically appearing in their inbox, and trust me, when they are ready to buy, yours is the first name that comes to mind.

You’ve worked so hard to acquire the customer. Wouldn’t you want to continue serving them with new products and services? Wouldn’t you want to add value to them so they will refer more sales your way?

A newsletter system, well-setup by us of course, can help you activate your prospects, engage your customers and increase your sales!

Content Creation

Your new generation of customers and clients are a savvy bunch. They will research your company, check you out on social media, and look for any publications that you may have done.

It’s fine and dandy if you have a good library of contents to win their trust, but most of us don’t.

Perception is a funny thing, too. The more you write or speak on a certain topic, the more likely your market will position you as a subject matter expert.

Let our team of content strategist and marketers help you become the go-to-guy within your industry, and be way ahead of your competitors.

So what's next?

Hands-On Workshops

Come join us in one of our public workshops, where you and your team will walk away with:

  • Ready templates and real-life examples
  • Strategies that can be implemented immediately
  • Hands-on guidance on software and technologies
  • Practical and construtive feedback on existing works
  • Ongoing support


Love us so much you want to bring us home with you?

We work with you and your team to achieve specific marketing goals like:

  • Develope a lead generation system
  • Create sales-driven, brand-building contents
  • Sexify your existing contents
  • Design high-conversion landing pages and newsletters
  • Deploy an email marketing system that automates your passive sales efforts

Meet The Team

Business Development Strategist, Email & Content Marketing Consultant

Multimedia Specialist | Photographer, Web Designer, Web Developer, Video Production

Content Marketing Strategist & Trainer, Copywriter