Growing up wander lusting for travel and life experiences, Debbie Ang’s fascination with maps and compasses takes her from the bland 9-5 to founding a digital agency so that she can create more travel memories and life keepsakes.

Once a corporate slayer, Debbie has had her fair share of experience working with the British High Commission, Malaysian public service and banking institution. She then continues to pursue her Master’s in Applied Linguistics and picked the brains from the finest professors who taught her what’s perfect academic writing. Always on a path for growth, Debbie embarks on various opportunities to discover her niche. Eventually, she fell in love with digital and content marketing, and combined with her lecturing experiences, she refined her copywriting and storycrafting skills.

Fast forward to this present day, Debbie’s been working and consulting with local and international clients in digital marketing, content creation as well as copywriting. The majority of her clients are from LinkedIn, where they found her professional profile, thanks to effective copywriting.

A strong advocate of auto-didacticism, Debbie believes that “nothing cannot be achieved if you put your mind to it” and the best copy should “speak to your customers, and goes straight to their hearts.” So be prepared for tons of hands-on, discussion and experience sharing, because learning sessions should never be all chalk and talk!

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