One of the business heads at a large insurance company once dropped Maverick Foo’s boss and mentor an email after his sales meeting, saying “Maverick is one of the worst sales person I’ve ever met.” As a matter of fact, Maverick never read the email in full because not wanting to hurt him further, his boss deleted the email.

Since that day a decade ago, Maverick decided to turn his weakness around and focus on what he’s better at – email marketing. Four businesses later, he can attest that over 93% of his businesses started off with an email exchange, usually a cold-email, that led on to solid deals.

Now a business development director at several ventures, where he falls short, he uses technology to overcome. Instead of cold-calling, he does cold-email. Instead of door-to-door selling, he creates sales funnels to attract the right prospects through the door.

With Maverick, you can expect textbook materials and fancy theories left at the door. A strong supporter of “you can’t teach what you have yet to understand and implement”, in his session, you’ll get practical techniques, proven strategies, quick-fire tips and a sprinkle of humor and personal encounters throughout.

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